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About Us

About Us

Our Connection to Cats 

Long before the stores, the spas and the website, even before
that tiny spark of an idea came to be, there was love, there was a pet connection.
The kind of love you can only share with a pet.
The kind of love that makes us family.


As cat parents ourselves, we want to help every cat parent and their cat meet all their needs through our innovative products and services. Our hope is that we can play a meaningful role in bringing pets and their humans closer to each other for years and years to come, and through that build a kinder world.

We are two sisters Linnet and Naomi alongwith with my team Smita and Babita building an exclusive online cat store currently focused only in the USA market. Based in Delaware, it is our desire to provide every cat lover with every product or service they require for their feline friend.


                                                      We believe:

                                     Happy cats = Happy cat parents.


To succeed in this journey we are partnering every manufacturer who like us creates exclusive cat products. To know more about us feel free to contact me at

When the right cat finds you, they can turn a house into a home,
bring people closer and fill our lives with endless love.

At My Pet My Cat, we envision that with our passion and efforts,
every home can realise the joys of raising pets as family.